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The Pros and Cons of Solar Energy Installation

Installing solar panels has many benefits for homeowners, especially in Texas where our sunny climate is ideal for solar energy production.

With a residential solar panel installation, you can save money on your electric bills, get out from under your utility company’s thumb, and increase the value of your home, all at the same time. But as with most things in life solar panels also have their drawbacks. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of solar panel installation in Texas.

Top Benefits of Solar Panel Installation in Texas

There are many benefits of solar energy installation, but especially in San Antonio.

Electric Bill Savings

Saving money on your electric bill is the main benefit of solar energy installation and the reason why most homeowners install rooftop solar panels. With a home solar system, you can generate your own power using energy from the sun instead of buying power from your utility.

In many cases, you can finance your solar installation and have monthly payments lower than your current electric bills. Once you break even on your installation costs, you’ll only be saving money!

Stable Electricity Costs

Electricity rates are volatile which can lead to huge jumps in your electric bills that make it hard to budget for electricity. With solar panels, your electricity costs will be much more stable, so you’ll know exactly how much you need to budget for electricity every month while worrying less about unexpected increases.

Blackout Protection

The Texas grid has become notoriously unreliable and extreme heat will continue to put it to the test this summer. With a solar panel and battery storage system, you’ll have reliable backup power to keep your essentials running when the grid fails.

Increased Home Value

Many homebuyers view solar panels as an upgrade like a renovated kitchen and are willing to pay more for houses with solar than houses without. Installing solar panels can increase your home’s appeal to potential buyers and help it sell for more.

Cons of Solar Energy Installation in Texas

There are far more upsides to solar panel installation than downsides, but it’s still important to consider the cons of solar energy before installing rooftop solar panels.

Upfront Installation Costs

The lone downside of solar energy is the cost to install solar panels. Solar panels save you money and will pay for themselves over time, but they do require a significant upfront investment.

Thankfully, there are ways to save on solar panels and make your installation more affordable. Texas Engineered Solar offers excellent solar financing and can help you go solar for zero dollars down! There are also solar incentives and tax credits available to you, including the federal solar tax credit. The solar tax credit reduces what you owe when you file your federal tax return by a total of 30% of your solar installation costs, making home solar much more affordable.

Some Homes Aren’t Viable for Solar

Solar panels need adequate sunlight to produce electricity, and some roofs simply don’t receive enough due to the direction they face or surrounding obstacles that cast shade onto them. Your roof also needs to be in good condition to install solar panels and if it’s old, it might need to be replaced before you can go solar.

Texas Engineered Solar will work with you to determine whether your roof is a good fit for solar panels. We always have your best interest in mind and will not recommend installing solar on a roof that doesn’t receive enough sunlight to make the investment worthwhile.

Texas Engineered Solar Is Your Local Solar Expert

Texas Engineered Solar is a local, veteran-owned solar company based in San Antonio, Texas. We can help you enjoy all the solar energy benefits like lower electric bills and greater energy independence with a solar panel installation for your home. We offer free consultations and estimates to help you learn more about home solar and whether it makes sense for you.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of solar panels for your home! Call 210-516-1604 or contact us to get a free quote.

Take advantage of solar benefits for your home.

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