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Prepare for Extreme Weather: Install Battery Backup Now!

Last summer was the second-hottest on record in Texas, and this summer is on track to be just as extreme. Heat waves, like the one we’re in right now, put a lot of pressure on the power grid as more and more people crank up their air conditioners and hunker down inside. All that pressure can overload the grid and lead to outages throughout the state.

The Texas electric grid is no longer a reliable source of energy during extreme weather. It’s time to take matters into your own hands with a solar panel and battery backup system for your home.

Solar with Storage Keeps Your Power ON During an Outage

When you pair solar panels with a residential solar battery bank, it’s like having a personal power plant on your roof.

Most of the time, your home solar panels will be connected to the electric grid so you can buy electricity from the grid and send excess power to it. But during a power outage, your entire solar system will temporarily disconnect from the grid. It will continue to operate on its own while the grid is down, so you can power your home by yourself when the grid fails. At night, you’ll be able to use stored energy from your battery to keep your essentials running until the sun comes up or the grid turns back on.

If you have solar panels but you don’t have a backup battery for your home, they won’t work during a power outage. The battery is what allows your solar panels to disconnect from the grid during a power outage—if they can’t disconnect, they will go down with the rest of the grid.

Save 30% on Home Battery Installation with Solar Incentives

If you want to install solar in Texas, incentives can help you save thousands of dollars. The federal solar tax credit provides a tax break to anyone who installs home solar panels and/or battery storage. It allows you to reduce what you owe to the federal government when you file your taxes by 30% of your total solar panel and battery installation costs. Those savings are huge and not something you want to miss out on!

Don’t Wait for Another Outage—Protect Your Family Now

The heat does not seem to be dissipating anytime soon and if the 2021 Texas winter storm taught us anything, it’s not to expect things to get better once winter does finally come. Being prepared is the key to making it through an emergency like an extended power outage during an extreme heat wave or winter ice storm.

If you’re looking for a company that installs solar batteries in Texas, give TXEN Solar a call today. We are a local, veteran-owned solar company that installs solar panels and solar batteries in San Antonio and throughout the surrounding areas. We can help you get the peace of mind and protection you need to keep your family safe and comfortable the next time the grid goes down.

Never deal with a power outage again. Call 210-516-1604 or contact us TXEN Solar for home solar battery storage in Texas. 

Escape the heat dome! Install solar battery storage now.

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