Solar panels on rooftop

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels produce electricity using free, renewable energy from the sun. The energy they produce can be used to power anything in your house that uses electricity, reducing or even eliminating your electricity costs.

But how do solar panels produce energy, exactly? It all starts with sunlight. Sunlight is made up of small particles called photons. Once installed on your roof, solar photovoltaic (PV) panels are struck by photons from the sun. These photons excite electrons in the form of direct current (DC) energy. The DC current is then passed through a solar inverter which again converts your solar energy, this time into alternating (AC) current; the kind of energy used to power your household today.

How Solar Panels Work Step by Step

You need a few different components to make solar panels work for your home. Here’s how they work together step by step:

  • Solar PV panels absorb energy from the sun, creating DC electricity.
  • A solar inverter converts DC electricity to AC electricity.
  • Your electrical panel distributes electricity throughout your home as needed.
  • Excess electricity is sent to a solar battery for storage, or to the electric grid.
  • A bi-directional meter keeps track of the energy you send to the grid and the energy you take from the grid.

During optimal times of the year, your residential solar panels will produce more electricity than you consume. This extra electricity is sent to the grid, and you receive a credit with your utility based on the amount you export to the grid. (This is called net metering.) At these times, your solar electric system is essentially storing energy for times of higher use, such as the sweltering Texas summer when you need a lot of AC. The net metering credit you earn will help offset the cost of electricity you buy from the grid when your system is not meeting your needs.

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How Much Energy Do Home Solar Panels Produce?

The amount of electricity your solar panels generate for your home depends on how many panels you install and how much sunlight your home receives. The more panels you install, and the more sunlight they absorb, the more electricity they will generate. You can choose to install a solar energy system that will cover some, most, or all of your energy usage. Texas Engineered Solar can help you decide how many solar panels are ideal for your home to maximize your solar savings and your return on investment.

Start Your Home Solar Installation in San Antonio!

Texas Engineered Solar is a local solar company near you that installs high-quality, custom solar energy systems in San Antonio, Texas. We know that all the technical details about how solar panels work on a house can be overwhelming. Our team is ready to answer your questions and help you take the next steps in adding solar to your home or business.


A solar expert will meet with you and give you a comprehensive overview of what your expectations should be of the solar system and answer any questions you may have. The consultant will collect some important information from you to help our design engineers scope out the perfect solar system for your needs.

Design & Proposal

Once our team has your solar array design, a second meeting will be arranged to go over the details and overall cost of the system. A project timeline will be presented in an effort to minimize any impact on your schedule. We will work with you to ensure you are getting the best value for your energy needs.


The installation process typically takes between 1-3 days, depending on the location and size of the project. Our team of experts will leave you with a shiny new solar energy system!

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